China's heavy equipment is the foundation of industry, and Skyria heavy industrial machine tools help China's intelligent manufacturing.

At 15:00 on December 11, in the large-scale TV live broadcast report of "traveling with the world and win-win future" of Oriental satellite TV, following the live broadcast lens of Oriental satellite TV, reporter Chang Ying of Oriental satellite TV came to the Changheng Machinery Group factory of China Skyria group in Zhejiang, and invited the chairman of Skyria group to broadcast it live. Let's understand that under the epidemic situation, How do Chinese enterprises resolve the crisis in the complex overseas market and go against the trend.

It is reported that under the severe epidemic background, the cost of the international supply chain has increased significantly and is relatively uncontrollable. For the international trade of machine tools such as Skyria heavy industry machinery, we are facing mature competitors from Europe, the United States and Japan. In order to maintain the growth of market share, we must speed up the internal optimization of our own industrial structure.
Skyria heavy industry machine tool helps China's Intelligent Manufacturing "large live special report of Oriental satellite TV on the 20th anniversary of China's entry into WTO"
Live broadcast of the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO by Oriental satellite TV special report real-time picture of Zhejiang Changheng Machinery Group under Skyria group
Skyria group has focused on R & D investment for many years and has completed independent R & D of machine tools. Machine tools refer to the machines that manufacture machines, also known as machine tools, which are known as the important tool of the country and the foundation of industry. In the field of core parts of machine tools and equipment, several data indicators of Skyria heavy industry machinery have entered the international standard of high-end machines.

For example, the number of spindle gear transmission revolutions of the machine tool of Skyria Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has stably output more than 15000 rpm, which is a multiple in China. In addition, the single bed of skyria Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has been operated without fault for 6000 hours a year, and has been successfully and stably operated for the fourth year.
Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria group (right)
Reporter Chang Ying, special report on the 20th anniversary of China Eastern satellite TV's accession to the WTO(left)
These R & D achievements provide core hardware guarantee for our intelligent production line assembly, and the group has obtained obvious advantages in time cost and capital cost compared with the intelligent production line for the assembly of high-end machine tools and equipment imported from abroad.
Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria group, introduced the core assembly machine tool of intelligent production line to reporters
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, said that the advanced machine tools independently developed by the group are the result of the technical inheritance and hard research of two generations of engineers in the R & D team. Today, the machine tools of Skyria heavy industry machinery have been successfully applied and delivered to the field of aviation power manufacturing.
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria group, introduced the group's objectives for the next stage to reporters
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria group, said that in the next stage, skyria group will continue to combine global R & D forces, overcome problems, skillfully avoid the technical barriers of western countries, and break its own way for China's high-end machine tool brand in the world.

Liu Chengwei, chairman of the board, said that Skyria has reorganized several companies and established "Skyria (Shanghai) Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd." in Shanghai in order to prepare for the next expansion of production capacity, deliver independently developed machine tools of different models to market diversified fields, with high quality, high specification and high price, and strongly help China's intelligent manufacturing.