I. Group Profile

SKYRIA GROUP INC is an industrial investment company in health and technology, covering the entire bird's nest industry chain, technology, agriculture, finance, healthcare, education, real estate, cultural tourism, jewelry, art, charity, film and television, entertainment, daily chemical and other fields. Skyria Group is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with its North American headquarters located in the Rockefeller Center in New York, USA, its European headquarters in London, UK, and its Southeast Asian headquarters in Sabah, Malaysia. Published multiple times in People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency; It has also received attention from mainstream international media and has been reported by Nasdaq, Reuters, World Daily, Overseas Chinese News, Star Island Daily, UK Global News Agency, and others.

Skyria Group's business model of "bird's nest as the core service transformation system" has won the "Outstanding Enterprise Contribution Award in the United States". Skyria Group has established a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development with bird's nest as the medium, culture as the link, and trade as the bridge. Skyria Group is an international luxury goods company with the international brand EGF®, Interstellar spacecraft®, NGF®, Tianzhiyanyu®, LJ OPHIRZBAO®, Tianhezhuchuang®, SKYRIA®, Hidden base ENGEDI®, STARSHIP®.

Skyria Group has developed a series of "Health and Technology" projects to promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises' original industries through diversified health and technology projects.

Skyria Group optimizes global resources, adopts acquisitions, mergers and strategic partnerships, and completes an ecosystem of new formats, diversification, and industrial chains. Using the industrial base as a physical experience, utilizing comprehensive services such as internet omnichannel operation, cultural media, blockchain and artificial intelligence, international clubs, financial capital, etc., to promote the transformation and upgrading of the original industry of the enterprise.

The business model of Skyria Group's service transformation system centered on bird's nest brings new paths to partners. As an industry investment company in health and technology, Skyria Group addresses three challenges for its partners: "safely and efficiently completing international project negotiations and cooperation without crossing borders", "not allowing cross-border cooperation to become one of the few successful cases", and "not allowing health and technology to only serve a few enterprises".

Skyria Group has been practicing the business model of "bird's nest centered service transformation system" for 7 years. On November 6, 2020, as an outstanding award-winning enterprise in "Hurun Report", it was invited to attend the 2020 "Hurun Report" Most Respected Entrepreneur Award Dinner.

II. Development History

In 2013, the bird's nest market in Chinese Mainland was in a stage of great change, and Skyria Group officially entered China through bird's nest.
In 2014, Skyria began exploring the business model of a service transformation system centered around bird's nest.
In 2016, Skyria Group launched integrated cooperation with real estate projects both domestically and internationally, covering the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas.
In 2017, Skyria Group held a Skyria Global Brand Conference in Los Angeles, USA, proposing important business models and concepts such as "upgrading and transformation of original industries", "diversified integration of investment", "whole industry ecological chain", and "integration of health and technology".
In 2017, Skyria Group was listed in Nasdaq and Reuters, Times Square, New York, USA.
In 2018, Skyria Group launched the Skyria Bird's Nest section listing and unveiling ceremony on Wall Street in New York, USA, marking the beginning of the IPO coaching period.
In 2019, Skyria Group held the "2019 Miss Chinese World Final is in North America" event at Hempstead House on Long Island, New York, United States, as the organizer and overall title.
In 2019, Skyria Group held the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Luxury Future Development Fashion Forum" in New York, USA.
In 2019, Skyria Group became the world's first bird's nest brand to apply blockchain technology and held a press conference on Wall Street in New York, USA.
In 2019, Skyria Group representatives met with California Governor Gavin Newsom.
In 2019, Skyria's cross-border strategic cooperation in the art industry promoted the diversified international development of Chinese art and culture.
In 2019, Skyria Group representatives attended the 74th United Nations Highest Level Conference held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
In 2021, Skyria Group released its first public welfare single "Clear Love", paying tribute to the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the medical angels who have defended us with their lives during the epidemic.
In 2021, Skyria was officially named and co hosted the "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN" event. Skyria regards "promoting Chinese culture" as its mission. Skyria, as a private enterprise, is the first time in its history to jointly organize large-scale Asian cultural activities with the affiliated units of the United Nations Headquarters in New York - supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
In 2021, Skyria Group was invited to participate in the "20 Years of WTO Accession Program" of Oriental TV. In the live broadcast program "Wining the Future with the World - Special Report on China's 20th Anniversary of WTO Accession", through global multi-point connection reporting and guest interviews in the studio, it showcased how Chinese enterprises have helped global development and made contributions to China in the past 20 years of WTO accession.
In 2023, Skyria Group and Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone signed the "Boao Lecheng Advanced Medical Technology Transformation Center (AMTTC) Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in the bird's nest industry and stem cell industry sectors.
In 2023, Skyria Group was selected as an authoritative national platform in China and became a member unit of the China Brand Building Promotion Association.

III. Founder Information

In 2018, Liu Chengwei, co-founder and chairman of Skyria Group, was invited to participate in the first "US China Israel Cross border Cooperation Forum and Washington Technology Investment Dialogue" held in Washington, D.C., and joined forces with the American Jewish Association (AJC) to call for technology innovation and cross-border cooperation that is in line with current business trends.
In 2018, Skyria Group co founder and CEO Luo Yan represented the company in a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the Winter White House.
In 2019, the Chairman of Skyria Group was awarded the "Top 10 Outstanding Leaders in 2019 China's Health Industry's Best Business Model Innovation".
In 2019, Skyria Group Chairman Liu Chengwei walked into the United Nations Headquarters in New York, responding to the Chinese leadership's proposal for the Chinese Dream, and began deploying South-South cooperation, establishing the Skyria Group's "Good Business Team" international club.
In 2020, Liu Chengwei, founder of Skyria Group, was listed on the "Hurun Report" and became a youth industry leader in the 2020 "Hurun Report".

IV. Corporate Honors
Outstanding Enterprise Contribution Award in the United States
US Food Safety Award
Top 10 Most Influential Leading Enterprises in the 2019 Chinese Bird's Nest Brand Industry
2020 Hurun Report · Youth Industry Leader

V. Group Culture

Corporate Culture: Tian cheng shan dao, xi zhong hua cheng.
Moral: It is created by heaven, and the good way is done; The inheritance of the Chinese culture brings joy to all hearts.

VI. Group Structure

Parent company: Skyria Group Inc.
Subsidiaries in China: Skyria (Hainan) Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Commercial Management Co., Ltd., Yingle (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Group Profile