Skyria speeds up the "layout of revolutionary innovation fields"
According to the national enterprise information publicity, in 2021, the international brand Skyria settled in Lujiazui Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, and established Skyria (Shanghai) Business Management Co., Ltd. Previously, China's leading enterprises took great action to restructure this type of business management company. From the information displayed in the national publicity system, it is not difficult to find that this type of company is one of the core companies of Skyria group.

According to the relevant information on Skyria's official microblog, "Skyria (Shanghai) Business Management Co., Ltd." referred to as "Skyria business management", focuses on the operation and development of "health and technology" comprehensive projects, and vigorously promotes the transformation and upgrading of the original industry serving domestic large, medium and small enterprises through "health and technology" diversification projects in the context of China's physical industry reform.

From the international operation dynamics of Skyria group from the end of 2020 to 2021, it has obviously accelerated the layout of science, technology and health industries, especially in the field of "revolutionary innovation". Revolutionary innovation should generally refer to revolutionary technological innovation and revolutionary business model application scenario Innovation.

Cathy wood, known as the founder of Buffett's Ark investment, pointed out that the market value of the open stock market focusing on "transformative innovation" in 2019 was about $7 trillion, which doubled to $14 trillion in 2020. "In the next 5 to 10 years, this figure will reach more than $75 trillion, which is likely to exceed all the appreciation of the stock market!

Because destructive means "the other side of innovation is creative destruction".

Therefore, value traps are increasingly emerging in traditional benchmarks today because they will be destroyed or destroyed.

For most Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises, how to correctly treat innovation is very important, which may directly determine the development space of the enterprise's target market in the future.

How to transform and upgrade enterprises will be the inevitable choice and challenge faced by Chinese enterprises in the background of "revolutionary innovation", which is the general trend.