At the scene of the competition
Champion: Alina Huang, Runner-up: Yaxin Han, Tiffany Yao, Runner up: Amber Wang, Hannah Wang, Nancy Jin, United Nations Contribution Award: Harmony Liu, National characteristics Exhibition Award: Yaxin Han, Super speech Award: Tiffany Yao, Best elegance Award: Zhihong Zhang, Outstanding talent award: Amber Wang, Hannah Wang, Margaret Chan, Outstanding talent award: Yaxin Han, Mila  Zeng, Lucy Jin and Nancy Jin, Best friendly character Service Award: Alina Huang, Best Popularity Award: Tiffany Chan, Best progress award: Magree Yizhou Wang, Sophie Ziyi Tian, Best affinity Award: Yiyan Deng, Most dynamic Award: Xinyi Hao, Best host and best performance award: Sophia Huang Higgins, Best Creation Award: Phoebe Tian, Future hope Award: Kaishi Qu, Junyin Wang, Mengqi Liu, Anqi Xi, Xia Wu and Wenhe Xia.
The closing ceremony and award ceremony were jointly presided over by Min Yuxiang, chairman of the host China News Agency, Han Yin, chairman of the competition organizing committee, Zhang Yehan, former national athlete of the Chinese national swimming team, and Sophia Huang Higgins, the only Chinese film star representative at the opening ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Co sponsors: Sherrill Kazan, chairman of the United Nations people's Committee of the world, Ellen Yang, the first Asian female Congresswoman in the east of the United States, ran lingxuan, member of Taichung City, Dr. Sir Jim Lin Chi Chu Ph.D, Dr. Zhu Linji, celebrity, Kevin Wang, CEO of operr, Liu Yuancheng, chairman of Anhui Association in the United States and Zhao Xiaofeng, secretary general, Jiang Jinxin and Xu Xi came to the scene to deliver speeches at the closing ceremony of the competition and present awards to the winners. Kyria, President of Skyria Group, CO organizer, has finished a most complete blessing in the Chinese mainland for the Western Hemisphere competition.
Sherrill Kazan (left), chairman of the world people's Committee of the United Nations, presented the award to the champion Alina Huang
Skyria group and the United Nations jointly hosted the "century competition" to a successful conclusion
(Skyria group always titled "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN")
On July 30, 2021 (New York time), the prelude to the "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN" was opened at Qianxi Hotel, No. 1, United Nations headquarters building, New York, USA. the contest was held in high standard for five days and four nights, grand and solemn.

The competition was hosted by Wall Street satellite; At the same time, it was jointly sponsored by Skyria group and the United Nations World People's Committee (wcpun). Skyria group always titled the competition and called for the implementation, support and support of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.
Skyria group always titled "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN"
The United Nations participated in the beauty contest for the first time, which means that this is not an ordinary routine beauty contest. It is a diversified and highly integrated international competition across cultures, races and borders, so that it can stand on the supreme stage recognized by the United Nations and carry forward the national spirit, Chinese culture and national unity to the world.
Group photo of winners of "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN"
After rigorous selection, there were 17 women entering the finals. Unfortunately, 4 of them were unable to meet the international demand because of the epidemic. But the 13 were from different parts of the world. Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, New York, Alaska, Chicago, Boston, Hawaii, North Carolina, and New Zealand.

The beauty evaluation standard "BBT" of the "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN": beauty, brain and talent. It is not only a bright visual feast, but also a wonderful performance dedicated to promoting the unique charm and culture of Asian women. It shows the world the "beauty of the East" in five days and four nights. The beauties have their own unique skills, such as zither performance, Pipa performance, piano performance, horn performance, Indian belly dance performance, Latin dance performance, Chinese umbrella dance performance, international duet performance. They show the beauty of the charm of Oriental culture to the fullest. On the basis of the competition links of the international conventional beauty contest, the dress show with ancient elements of Oriental culture has been intensified. It not only shows the style of "modern independent women" of "mother and world", but also shows the image of "lady under the forest". Oriental aesthetics is low-key and luxurious. It does not compete with others, but has a voice secretly. This contest has caused a sensation in the West.

Liang kundian, the famous New York Liang kundian dance center and the founder artist of Liang kundian modern classical dance troupe, as the general artistic director of the competition, has injected the artistic soul into the "2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN" with professional artistic guidance and excellent artistic resources.