Positioning of Skyria Group Inc: Bird's nest luxury. The internationalization of enterprise brand is to help bird's nest health industry become the main project of global market investment, making healthy globalization and healthy business.
Health industry will be the fifth wave of global wealth after it industry (recorded in the fifth wave of wealth by Paul Pearce, a famous American economist). In 2020, the total scale of health service industry will reach more than 8 trillion yuan, and the scale of output value of health industry is expected to account for more than 10% of China's GDP (clearly put forward in several opinions on promoting the development of health service industry issued by the State Council of China). The core segment of the health industry is the health food market. According to the data of the service structure of China's health industry in 2016, the annual sales volume of China's health products in 2016 is about 440 billion yuan. It is expected that the health care industry in China will continue to grow rapidly in 2016-2020, and the total scale of the health care market will be close to 1 trillion yuan by 2020. The outline of China's food and Nutrition Development (2014-2020) clearly proposes to "study the relationship between food, nutrition and health in depth". In the future, the development direction and foundation of China's agricultural products industry is nutrition and health. Innovation will drive the rise of healthy and nutritious food industry. Healthy and nutritious food industry is an industry that creates wealth. "Bird's nest industry" belongs to the healthy and nutritious food industry, and it is a healthy industry with all indicators up to standard in the healthy and nutritious food industry.
Skyria global administrative operation center is located on Wall Street, New York. Skyria and the top American capital operation group create Skyria Group Inc to be listed on the stock market. Luo Yan, president and the directors of Skyria Group Inc at home and abroad jointly develop the global market operation of Skyria.
Yang Jianwei, director of Skyria Group Inc's Malaysia biotech doctoral research team, has successfully developed "bird's nest essence". With the absorption principle of 7-14 days of small molecules, the cycle of human consumption of traditional 2-3 month stewed boiled bird's nest has been speeded up. First, conform to the new era of marketing mode; second, in line with modern people's needs for health and health indicators; third, in response to the twenty-first Century sub health and the pursuit of anti-aging strong social needs, Skyria has made a very complete preparation, will be in Shanghai Center Tower external recruitment cooperation.

2. The transitional nature of Skyria.
The bird's nest service transformation system of Skyria Group Inc is the product of the times. In the transformation period, all walks of life are unable to devote 100% of their energy to the secondary industry. The incubation period of the secondary industry is exactly the relative decline period of the traditional primary industry. The best way is to "transfer assets", lock in the "secondary industry", incubate it with 40% of their energy and successfully transform it.

According to the global layout and implementation, "Skyria" has been successfully established as "international brand of bird's nest", occupying a global window. From the upstream bird's nest house base, the midstream bird's nest processing plant to the downstream bird's nest brand marketing, the whole set of ecological industry has formed a state of "accumulate energy and wait for action". "The unveiling ceremony of Wall Street" shows "the first step of launching Skyria Group Inc".

Liu Chengwei, founder and Chairman(the third on the left)
Luo Yan, founder and president(the fourth on the right)

Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of the board of directors, stressed the following two points.

1. The uniqueness of Skyria.

Skyria is an international brand, not just a bird's nest. It is a system that can help enterprises improve each other's mechanism. Skyria is a high-end service transformation system involving the integration of "food, clothing, housing and transportation". Break the traditional business model of bird's nest trading cell, and transform it into a diversified business model with bird's nest as the core transformation service system. Through bird's nest as a starting point, and people of the same aspiration from all walks of life into a bird's nest service transformation system, through bird's nest, service to major, medium and small enterprises, the transformation is achieved. In short, the bird's nest service transformation system is the unique research and development system of Skyria Group Inc. It is to ease the awkward period of modern industrial transformation, use the win-win cooperation between Party A and Party B, and jointly improve each other's brand image and value.

The delegate of Skyria Group Inc introduced the business process and joined the influential guests of Wall Street, and the leaders of senior capital operation attended the meeting. The scene was very lively.
Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria
Skyria Group Inc held a unveiling ceremony on Wall Street
Skyria Group Inc has been developing in bird's nest industry for many years. It entered the "Wall Street" of the United States on August 17, 2018 (the seventh day of the seventh lunar month) in New York time, standing at the highest point of the world's finance and leveraging the "healthy bird's nest industry". "Skyria Group Inc launches its IPO - Wall Street unveiling ceremony" was held on Wall Street.