On the afternoon of March 12, 2019, at the Skyria Group Inc, the group meeting of "advanced seminar on health and Technology International Economic Cooperation in 2019" was held by the Ministry of Commerce, China International Economic Cooperation Institute, the United States China International Business Advanced Research Institute and Skyria Group Inc.
Invited entrepreneurs (in alphabetical order)
Zhang Yang, general manager of Huzhou Wharton amber Consulting Co., Ltd.
Yin Minhua, chairman of Huzhou Ke Zhong Group Company.
Wang Qiang, Chairman of Shanghai Xiangyan Food Co., Ltd.
Shen Guoliang, General Manager of Samsung Granulator.
He Tugen, General Manager of Vaux Elevator Co., Ltd.
Wu Yiping, President of the Consultation Service Co in Asia Pacific region.
Wang Qi, general manager of Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Jin Wenjun, general manager of Zhejiang Da Chong Polytron Technologies Inc.
Wang Ming, founder of Zhejiang Mi Gao Garment Co., Ltd.
Sun Jiangang, Executive Director of Zhejiang Mi Gao Garment Co., Ltd.
Sun Yongqing, General Manager of Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Co., Ltd.
Xia Shanchen
Xia Shanchen, vice president of the Chinese Ministry of international economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and President of the US China International Business Advanced Research Institute, made a deep analysis of the impact of Sino US trade war and the future development situation, and described the importance and necessity of the transformation of business services. In the future, only the brand can be based on the market. Without transformation, it will be eliminated by the market. It is urgent to build personalized and international brands. President Xia told his adventures with Skyria Group Inc: my office was facing NASDAQ, and I saw the advertisement about Skyria Group Inc on the NASDAQ Times Square, because I was curious to take pictures. I did not expect to know the founder of Skyria Group Inc at a meeting of the United Nations. They began to promote the "service transformation" business model in 2015, which is a keen insight into business. In the development of the bird's nest industry chain, they have smelled the importance of the service transformation system. After years of actual combat, they have tried their best to integrate the world's top resources during these years, and created a service transformation system exclusively belonging to Skyria Group Inc, which can help the original industry to enter. To upgrade service transformation and enhance the mechanism and brand value of enterprises. Today, I visited the headquarters of Skyria Group Inc. I felt "international" and "international brand" in every detail. President Xia encourages enterprises to transform and upgrade their original industries to create unique and irreplaceable value.
Luo Yan
Luo Yan (co-founder and President of Skyria Group Inc) started from the business management mode of the enterprise, shared and encouraged each other.
Wu Yiping
Luo Yan challenges on the spot: Every industry is integrating, crossing and penetrating into each other. If the product or industry you have been profiting from suddenly becomes a free value-added service in the hands of another person, how do you compete and how do you survive?
To meet the challenges, the three major industrial advantages of Skyria Group Inc can enhance the mechanism of the original industry, and will also increase the stickiness with customers:
1. Good Business Team.
2. Queen Culture.
3. Parent-child Growth Education Culture.
It gives businesses and products a personalized label: being cared for.
Finally, Wu Yiping, who has traveled from the United States, made an important speech: Enterprises need to build internationalized and specialized products on the premise of abiding by international business rules; the current situation in China and the United States is the best opportunity for enterprises to transform, the most difficult time is also the time with the lowest cost. Enterprises need to transform, these three years are the best period, investment in health industry, science and technology industry is in the ascendant. Encourage entrepreneurs to "go out".

Wu Yiping will be in charge of the affairs related to the listing of Skyria Group Inc.

Finally, the entrepreneurs here have a heated discussion about "the bottleneck faced by their own enterprises, how to apply and combine the 5G era, how to transform the original industry, how to diversify the international brand management" and so on. President Xia has a dialogue with all entrepreneurs one by one, and has given good suggestions. During the discussion, different commercial sparks have been wiped out.

2019 is the beginning of change. The next three years will be the best period for investment. Once the market is stable, the opportunity will no longer come back. We should look at the health & Technology Industry and win the cooperation in the advanced "service transformation" business mode.

Advanced seminar on health and technology in 2019