AMG & Skyria Group Inc technical adviser and manager Shamsudin, representing AMG & Skyria Group Inc, issued a souvenir to the Malaysian Federal Minister of agriculture and agro industry, Datuk sardud.
Chief minister, political secretary general PG Roslan Bin Nasrun
Malaysian Federal Minister of agriculture and agro industry minister Adam Sarhu
Mr. Zhang, representative of bird's nest Industrial Park, Qinzhou, Guangxi, China
Mr. Yang, chairman of AMG Group(from left to right)

n March 16, 2019, the Minister of agriculture and agro industry of the Malaysian Federation, Dadu sardin, accompanied by Assistant Minister of the prime minister Arifin Asgari and PG Roslan Bin Nasrun, Chief Secretary of Sabah, visited the swallow nest processing plant of Skyria Group Inc, AMG & SKYRIA. He pointed out that the bird's nest industry has the potential for development and has a large market in China, so the agriculture and agro based industries will help AMG&SKYRIA group, so as to contribute to the economy.

Sarah Houdin, Minister of agriculture and agro industry in Malaysia, also said that the good quality of "bird's nest" is recognized. Therefore, AMG & Skyria Group Inc must always maintain the quality of bird's nest so that it can export to China without obstruction.

Investing in Bird's Nest House is undoubtedly a major strategic deployment of the company's Bird's Nest Health Industry Planning. Skyria Group Inc is enthusiastic about promoting the original ecological health of bird's nest. Skyria Group Inc is responsible for keeping healthy. Skyria Group Inc makes unremitting efforts on the road to promote the health industry.

In the future health care industry of bird's nest, Skyria Group Inc and AMG Group must join hands to lead more health industry developers to create an era together.

Malaysia's farm minister visits Bird's nest factory of Skyria

Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria Group Inc, made a speech pointing out that the decisive factors for investing in Sandaken Bird's Nest House in Malaysia are as follows:

1. The company chooses AMG Group as its upstream partner, which is a prudent decision made after years of repeated market inspection.

2. AMG Group has more than 10 years' experience in swallow management in Sandakan, Malaysia. It also has experience in swallow farming technology, scientific and technological swallow introduction management, modern swallow picking management and technological processing management.

3. At the same time, because of the high air quality of Sandakan, the island's original ecology and pollution-free environment, Sandakan is the paradise of esculent swift. At the same time, the tropical rainforest coverage rate of Sandakan is up to 60%, with many mountains, caves and islands. It is recognized by WWF as one of the best bird's nest producing areas in the world.

4. The growing demand for bird's nest health care in society leads to a shortage of demand in the downstream market of bird's nest. Investing in bird's nest can not only control the highest quality of raw materials, but also bring the RFID Source System and MYGAP Malaysian Good Breeding Certificate in anti-counterfeiting technology.

5. In response to the belt and road trade policy of the president of the people's Republic of China, we need to drive the economy, solve the employment rate and create multiple values.

Skyria Group Inc invested in upstream bird's nest industry on a large scale. On August 29, 2018, Skyria Group Inc occupied some bird's nest houses of AMG Group. Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria Group Inc, signed a contract to become a director of AMG Group.
Yang Jianwei, chairman and CEO of AMG Group (left)
Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria Group Inc (Right)