The second round of competition "Group A Beautiful Talent Show"; the third round of competition "Beautiful Youth Activity Show"; the fourth round of competition "Group B Beautiful Talent Show".
United Nations Forum on Sustainable Development Goals and Future Development of Luxury Goods.
Dayle Haddon
On July 14, 2019, sponsored by Skyria International Trade Holding Corp and Orienral Ertertainment Exchange LLC, co-sponsored by That Luxe Good, the "Miss Chinese of the World North America Final and the United Nations Forum on Sustainable Development Goals and Future Development Fashion of Luxury Goals" was held in Hampster Castle, New York.

Skyria Group Inc is a global bird's nest industry chain group, but it is not just a bird's nest. It is a system that can help enterprises to enhance each other's mechanism. It involves the transformation system of integrated high-end services, and a diversified brand operation industry dominated by the corporate culture of "Tian cheng shan dao, xi zhong hua cheng". The culture of Miss Chinese World coincides with the "Queen's Culture" advocated by Skyria. "Queen Culture" aims to guide women to become virtuous ladies and strive to make the virtuous culture of Chinese women shine on the world stage. As a result, Skyria Group Inc hosted the 2019 Miss Chinese World North American Finals.

Participants were United Nations ambassadors and delegations:

UN Department of DGC High Senior Officer Sami Ben, Amaparo Mele Cdifa, Dominique Kibamba, Wale Ldris Ajibade, Yoane Ayessa, Clawous Okemba, Steve Boyer, Anderon Bill, Beth Richards, Beatrice DeSalles: Brazil, Ursula Bustillo Daza, Agathe Mensah and others also issued a United Nations call on the world's loving people to work together to create sustainable fashion development industries: health industry, beauty industry and other industries to create commercial value to assist poor countries. 

This is in line with Skyria Group Inc's corporate culture and the ongoing "good business flow" project. Its purpose is to "let your business add a touch of green to the world", transform the limited business environment and business values, and advocate that "human beings should not exist only for material enjoyment, but should work together to build public utilities and human common values. Out of holy, just, peaceful, benevolent entrepreneurship value. To this end, at the Round Table Forum, invited guests Womanone Foundation founder and CEO, well-known movie stars, models, Ms. Dayle Haddon, spokesperson of Estee Lauder L'Oreal Group, Robin Miu, President of Sing Tao Daily, Judge Nie Hongyong of the Supreme People's Court of China, Tian Ying, President of That Luxe Good Luxury Company, Media/Celebrity Rich Club, New York Raymond Chen, President, and Mr. Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria, affirmed that the future of luxury goods is "sustainable" and "investable" from various professional perspectives, which meets the needs of human beings in improving the quality of life and the sustainable development of market economy. This is in line with the needs of human beings in improving the quality of life and the sustainable development of market economy. It affirms the business concept and mode of Skyria Group Inc from different fields. Guests drank together the top bird's nest of Skyria Group Inc, which was stewed from the raw material of AMG Bird's Nest House in Dagen, Sabah Mountain, Malaysia. They raised their glasses to celebrate, thus opening the prelude of the event.
Dayle Haddon, Nie Hongyong, Liu Chengweimei, Raymond Chen
Important attendees of the media group include (in order of entry): 
Robin Miu, President of Singdao Daily, Yvonne Liu, Radio 1480's head of a broadcasting station, Cao Jian, Director of World Daily, Li Jianwei, Editorial Director of Overseas Chinese Daily, Zhang Shigong, President of CCTV, Amy Zheng, Chairman of Daxi Industrial Co., Ltd., ALTON R.WALDON JR. JUDGE, Justice of New York State, Zheng Qirong, Representative of Brooklyn District Government, New York, Li Tongxin, President of the East-West Art and Culture Association of the United States, Chen Jianrong, President of China Overseas Chinese Voice Media Culture Group, Karen Chen, Fashion Designer, etc.
Beautiful List of Miss Chinese World Championships in North America in 2019:
No. 1, Cindy, No. 2, Linshan, No. 3, Carlett, No. 4, Lynn, No. 5, Hannah, No. 6, Hanna, No. 7, Shirley, No. 8, Pearl Peng Hui Lu, No. 9, Kan Xueer, No. 10, Gary Wang, No. 11, Michelle, No. 12, Shane, No. 13, Stamyna. Thirteen beautiful women from all over North America have different cultural and artistic flavors and have different talents. Ms. Li Xiaolan, President of the Miss World of Chinese Americans, and Guo Yangzi, Executive Chairman, led them to a feast of both virtue and ability.
There were no seats available at the scene. The four gold medal hosts, Wang Zaochao, Li Yue, Yao Anqi and Jing Li, opened with a charming opera.
13 Chinese evening gowns dressed in Chinese culture were brought out for the first round of the competition "The Beautiful Chinese Evening Dress Show". In the elegant castle, like queens, they wandered around the guests.
The 2019 Miss Chinese World Final is in North America
The Fifth Round of Competition "Carrie Western-style Evening Dress Show".
During the halftime, the judges ranked the top five beautiful women, including Luo Yan, co-founder and President of Skyria Group Inc, Dayle Haddon, famous movie stars, models, spokesperson of Estee Lauder and L'Oreal Group, Guo Yangzi, executive chairman of Miss World of Chinese descent in 2019, and Chen Wei, president of Asian American Association. The top five were selected through intense discussion and scoring by the committee.
In the sixth round of the competition, the top five were promoted to Jialie's Intelligence Questions and Answers, which were scored again by the jury, and the public jury added up the number of votes for each person standing behind Jialie. Finally, the top three were selected. The scene has risen to a climax. At this moment, I knew that the children of the learning center had performed "ABC Fashion New Trend" for you. After the cute little angels finished their deduction, the host announced the winner "Hanna No. 6", "Shirley No. 7", "Gary Wang No. 10", the runner-up winner. 
Chinese-American ladies take the bird's nest of Skyria Group Inc to swim on the luxury yacht of MIXX in New York to shoot the limited edition of that Luxe Good's global top luxury clothing, handbags, jewelry HERMES, CHANEL, Dior, FENDI, PRADA, LV, GUUCI, VALENTINO, CELINE, BURBERRY and other global luxury limited editions, which have a different sentiment and give people absolute visual shock.
Champion Coronation Ceremony
Champion, "Hanna No.6" (middle),
Runner-up, "Shirley No. 7" (left),
Third Runner-up, "Gary Wang No. 10" (right)
Miss World Chinese President Li Xiaolan and Li Xiaolan told the top three winners that they would travel to China on August 10 to participate in the global finals on behalf of the North American competition area. I wish them all the best in representing Chinese Americans in North America. Finally, the castle feast ended with a group photo of all the guests.
TOPSAA dozens of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and other world-class super-runners opened the way to greet entrepreneurs, politicians and celebrities from all walks of life around the world, so that Skyria Group Inc hosted the entire Miss Chinese World Championship.
The profits from the Luxe Good Luxury Show will be donated to the Womanone Foundation as a charity fund (a non-profit organization focusing on providing quality education opportunities for girls around the world), the only Gucci handbag in the world was also on display. The only two handbags signed by Dior designers, one in Dior's CEO's hand and the other on display, were also on display. Fashion guru Dayle Haddon (Haydn Dell) appealed to distinguished guests at the Luxury Round Table Forum to put their hearts on display. Love is shown at this moment, and the demand for luxury goods on the spot is also shown at the same time.
A splendid feast is inseparable from the sponsors of all the support activities, Special Thanks:
Thank you for sponsoring Malaysian AMG Hongli Group (Yang Jianwei, Chairman), Chen Wei, Chairman, African view, American Association for the Promotion of Chinese Business (Lei sun, President), Celebrity and Rich Club, Daxi Industrial Co., Ltd. (Zheng Siqi, Chairman), New York City (Deng Xing, Chairman), Qiandu (Li Jun), Sino-US Chamber of Commerce for Entrepreneurs (Sophie Harrison), SUSTAINABLE EVELOPMENT GOALS ACTION CAMPAIGN、MIXX Yacht Club, Xiangtianxia, Liang Kong Dian Dance Center, American Chinese Food Industry Alliance (Chen Zhiming, President), NYSAA/TOPSAA (Nick Chen, Founder), Early Know Learning Center, BANLANDO, figured woven silk materia, Star International Group, Star Culture Media, New York Intelligence Station, Zinweifang, Ri Xin Yue Yi International Cultural Communication Public Relations Company, Cakra Fashion Makeup & Skincare, Yerad, BFchain, IIFE(Wang Ming, Chairman), Cosmetic Image Design Training Center.