The world's first bird's nest brand with blockchain technology

August 23, 2019 (New York, USA)

Skyria Group Inc handed in hand with Mobile Net Hub Corp press Conference on Wall Street, New York, USA

(The organizer is Mobile Net Hub Corp)

Lei Xun, the CEO of Mobile Net Hub Corp, announced that Beibei Enrichment Group had reached strategic cooperation agreements with China's Thunder Chain and some large Sino-US enterprises. At the meeting, Leaders and representatives of strategic cooperative enterprises signed strategic cooperation plans with American Beibei Enrichment Group on the spot: Bird's Nest products of Skyria Group Inc, health products of NE Plus Corp, products of Northern Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry, AMTB countless optical cables, high-energy storage battery pack of American 3ET Group, Jala Artesian Mineral Wate. R American Gala Mineral Water, Deductive Rebirth Corp. American Technological Skin Group Medical and Aesthetic Products, etc.
Through continuous efforts, Skyria has become the"world's first brand of bird's nest using block chain technology", in order to provide better, better and more secure food for millions of households to enjoy, Need you every day, Skyria.

The contents of the meeting are as follows
Guests, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from all walks of life. Dr Micheal Wong, the CEO of NE Plus Corp. Xia Shanchen, Dean of American-China Institute of International Business Advanced Studies. Dominique Kibamba, officials of UN DGC. Zheng Chaowen, Vice President of the American Association for the Promotion of Chinese Business. Prof. Ali Shen, who is from New York Institute of Science and Technology. Ms. Fu Weidong, Vice President of the American-China International Chamber of Commerce in China. Liu Zizhen, Vice President of the United States-China Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce. George Zhang, the CEO of Panshi Computer Company. Jenny Wang, the North American Business Representative of SHOM. Chen lining, the North American Business Representative of AMTB. Zheng Zhiwen, Chairman of Huafu Group. Vantage Technology Group. Joann Lee, who is from Salim Group. Gideon Wong, the CEO of Green Wave International. These guests attended the event and conducted extensive exchanges and communication.
Xia Shanchen, Senior Consultant of Skyria Group Inc/Independent Directors of American Companies(On the left)
Lei Xun, the CEO of Mobile Net Hub Corp (On the right)

The reasons why Skyria Group Inc uses block chain technology are as follows:

First, Skyria chooses advanced high-tech enterprises and service standards to join forces in order to create bird's nest products with scientific and technological safety. 

Mobile Net Hub Corp is a block chain application company which integrates production, research, development, sales and service. It was founded by Jason Jiang, an American financial investor, Wenfeng Wu, Jeff Louie, and many Chinese and foreign researchers. It is also the first block chain application technology enterprise certified by the Chinese government, which can guarantee its success. Safety and Advancement of Skyria Group Inc's Products in the Field of Science and Technology.

Second, using science and technology to guarantee the authenticity, uniqueness and untouchability of the bird's nest of Skyria Group Inc.

Comprehensive analysis of large data, mobile Internet of Things and block chains and other high-tech, from production to consumer the entire process of recording product-related information, is a traceable anti-counterfeiting technology that allows consumers to monitor their products.
The reason why Skyria Group Inc uses it is that it uses POW and PBFT consensus, combines traditional traceability anti-counterfeiting technology with the latest block chain technology, and uses the uniqueness and non-tampering characteristics of block chain to produce and circulate bird's nest products from Skyria Group Inc through traceability anti-counterfeiting. Besides, it can record and inquire the true information of the whole process of production, warehousing, logistics and sales.
At the same time, the Bird's Nest products of Skyria will use the "RFID plus NFC" block chain traceability anti-counterfeiting system, data can not be tampered with, so it has high credibility. It is an efficient solution to crack down on counterfeit and inferior products, verify business integrity and enhance public trust. 
Third, as China's leading data transmission service provider, strategic partner Xunlei has applied P2SP technology to cloud computing and block chains, invested heavily in basic research and original technological innovation, and has a highly original and world-leading core technology.
As a result, through highly strategic cooperation, Skyria Group Inc will continue to carry forward the corporate culture of "Tian cheng shan dao Xi zhong hua cheng", relying on the platform of strong Thunder Chain, and will make unremitting efforts to provide comprehensive and high-quality traceable anti-counterfeiting application services for consumers around the world. Through continuous efforts, Skyria Group Inc has become the "world's first brand of bird's nest using block chain technology", in order to provide better, better and more secure food for millions of households to enjoy. Need you every day, Skyria.