Gavin Newsom, governor of California, USA
Daniel Su, chief operating officer of Skyria's "Good Business team" (left)
Gavin Newsom, governor of California, USA (right)
Daniel Su, director of operation of Skyria Group Inc's "Good business team", was invited to attend the exchange of  Gavin Newsom at Yin's Manor.

Main idea: Daniel Su met with the governor of California on behalf of the company and exchanged in-depth information on the company's service transformation system.

Chinese-American Congressman Zhao Meixin, Congressman Liu Yunping and other dignitaries attended the event.

Daniel Su, operational director of Skyria Group Inc's "Good Business team" organization, was invited to attend the exchange of California Governor Gavin Newsom at Yin's Manor. The project of transforming Skyria Group Inc's Service into one-to-one cooperation between Chinese excellent enterprises and the mainstream of the world has been deeply discussed, and very good progress has been made.
Gavin Newsom expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people for their important contributions to California's social and economic development. He was very willing to maintain friendly communication and exchanges with the Chinese community, understand the concerns and demands of the Chinese community, and thus better govern. He also thanked the Chinese for their support in his campaign for governor of California, and hoped to continue to support him in his 2022 re-election as governor of California. California Governor Gavin Newsom was born in San Francisco, Bachelor of Political Science, University of Santa Clara. He was elected Mayor of San Francisco in November 2003, Vice Governor of California in November 2010 and Governor of California in the mid-term elections of 2018. Governor Gavin Newsom advocated the following policies: ensuring affordable housing and reasonable wages for California residents, supporting affordable health care, reducing tuition fees for education, more inclusive immigration policies, strict gun ban, etc. Skyria Group Inc congratulated the Governor on his successful exchange activities.

Service transformation system of Skyria
During the development of the Bird's Nest industry chain, Skyria Group Inc has realized the importance of the service transformation system. During these years, Skyria has made great efforts to integrate the world's top resources and built a service transformation system exclusively for Skyria Group Inc.
Service transformation system
1. Sharing the service transformation system of Skyria Group Inc is of great significance to the internationalization of enterprise survival and development.
2. Sharing and Exploring Corporate Culture and Individualized and Internationalized Business Opportunities.
3. Jointly realize and form a series of industrial integration advantages:
▪ Parent-Child Growth Education Program
▪ Promoting Intelligence Enjoyment Program
▪ Plan for a noble taste in life

At present, the "Southeast Asia bird's nest house Investigation Tour" promoted by the company is also one of the service transformation projects of Skyria Group Inc. In the field of health, do you have a share? Don't miss the business opportunities. We are looking forward to more excellent enterprises working together to create the future. We share a Chinese heart, no matter where we are.
Representative of Skyria met the governor of California, USA