Daniel Su, Skyria's operation director of "Good business team"
The theme of the conference focused on "encouraging multilateral efforts to eradicate poverty, promote quality education, climate action and inclusiveness". More than 100 heads of state, heads of government or high-level representatives discussed solutions to the major threats and challenges facing mankind.
Representatives of Skyria Group Inc attend the 74th highest level UN Conference
The 74th highest level UN conference was held in New York on September 23.
Mr. Daniel, the representative of "Good business team" of Skyria Group Inc, was also honored to attend this conference.
Guterres, secretary general of UN
The 74th high level meeting on "a complete coverage of health" of the UN General Assembly was held in New York on the 23rd, with the participation of political representatives and health care professionals from many countries. The meeting adopted the United Nations political declaration on health coverage.
Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister
Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister said that China will promote the policy of jointly building "the belt and road", increase investment in South-South cooperation, promote common development in open cooperation, and build a community of shared destiny for mankind. The "world dream" described in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development is closely related to the "Chinese dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. China will work with the international community to achieve the 2030 goal of sustainable development and create a better future for mankind.
Daniel Su, Skyria's operation director of "Good business team"
UN General Assembly meeting - coverage and popularization of health for all
Daniel Su, Skyria's operation director of "Good business team"(left)
Radev, Presidents of Bulgaria(right)
Skyria Group Inc is a diversified brand operation industry investment group led by the corporate culture of "Tian cheng shan dao · Xi zhong hua cheng". The company's "good business team" culture aims to "let your enterprise add a touch of green to the world". Through the "health and technology" summit, we should transform the limited business environment and business values, and advocate that "human beings should not only exist for material enjoyment, but should join hands to build the common values of public utilities and human beings, and live the values of holiness, justice, peace and benevolence."

Carry forward the spirit of patriotism, face the mission and responsibility. Skyria Group Inc hopes to play its role through its unremitting efforts to help and drive the common development of other enterprises. Strive for great achievements, join hands with the world for win-win results, respond to the call of the United Nations General Assembly, and make due contributions to the realization of sustainable development goals.

Guterres, secretary general of UN said that the declaration is a "vision of full health coverage through 2030", which is enough to promote the global fight against infectious diseases including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, some non communicable diseases, antibiotic resistance and other health problems through a strong and flexible health system in the next decade.

In essence, universal health coverage means that people can actually get good health services without having to worry about financial difficulties. This cannot be achieved unless health services and financial risk protection systems are acceptable.

Tan Desai, director general of the World Health Organization, said that full health coverage is key to sustainable development. With 11 years to go before the 2030 sustainable development goals, the adoption of the declaration by the United Nations is a milestone for global health and development.

Sustainable development goals of the United Nations
Daniel Su, Skyria's operation director of "Good business team"(left)
Minister of state of the cabinet of the United Arab Emirates (right)
Daniel Su, Skyria's operation director of "Good business team"(left)
Marsudi, Indonesian foreign minister (right)
The 74th UN summit on sustainable development goals was held at United Nations headquarters in New York on September 24 and adopted a political declaration, and heads of state and government conducted a comprehensive review of progress in implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.
The member states of the United Nations are committed to raising funds and taking actions in the next decade to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030 without leaving anyone behind. Delegates also announced specific measures to be implemented at the meeting: Brazil promised to reduce the premature death rate caused by non communicable diseases by one third by 2030; Finland promised to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035; Mexico promised to make all citizens, including vulnerable community residents, have access to the Internet; and business groups from 25 countries jointly promised to achieve zero emissions by 2050.
Muhammad Bandi, President of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference: "the 2030 agenda for sustainable development is the result of multilateralism, and promoting multilateralism is the only choice for mankind to cope with the complex global challenges in the present and future. The next decade is a decade of action and achievement, and it is a contract for us to fulfill this historical commitment and ensure global common action and shared responsibility Machine. We have to do something and work together for all to succeed for all. "

Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, urged member states to fulfill their commitments at the meeting and called on all sectors of society to act for the realization of the 2030 sustainable development goals.

Wang Yi, China's State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs, spoke at the meeting as president Xi Jinping's special representative. He said that in 2018, China's infant and maternal mortality rates dropped to 6.1 per 1000 and 1.83 per 10000 respectively, achieving the goal of sustainable development ahead of schedule. China will concentrate on its own affairs and let 1.4 billion people live a happy life. This is China's greatest contribution to the cause of global development.