Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, won the top ten outstanding leaders of Chinese economy influence in 2019
Huazun award, a brand reputation award that truly reflects consumers' expectations and perceptions, is selected by the industry's landmark brand public welfare survey. It has a wide range of influence in the public mind and has an indicator significance for the brand. Based on the tracing and remembering of the development process of Chinese brands, the "Huazun Award" conducted an investigation on the "market share, brand influence, user satisfaction, innovation ability, benefit level" and other indicators in accordance with the "brand influence evaluation standard" (abbreviated to BES). According to the rating results of the three data of "recommendation of the organizing committee, evaluation of the data center and review by the judges", nearly 300 brand enterprises, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Maotai Group, Jingdong, Haier Group, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Midea Group, Ping An Group, Sany group and Skyria Group Inc, were selected as the "annual award of Huazun brand"(ranking in no order).
Difficulties are inevitable, but we still need to move forward for our dreams.
一一Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria

Led by China business magazine, China business press, China information magazine, Business Model Research Institute of China Management Science Research Institute and credit management committee of China Circulation Industry Management Institute and other media organizations jointly hosted the 2019 China brand influence summit and the fifth Huazun award influence China general evaluation list award ceremony. It was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing from November 22 to 23, 2019.
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria Group Inc
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, has made outstanding contributions to the innovation and diversification of the original business model of the transformation industry, the break through of product and technology innovation, the improvement of the financial level of the industry, the transformation and upgrading of services, and the integration of the world's top high-end resources in various fields to promote the development of the whole industrial chain of bird's nest. After the strict review of the organizing committee, Liu Chengwei has been awarded "the Great leader of Chinese economy influence in 2019".
Bird's nest is known as "the first of eight delicacies", which is really a treasure of delicacies. However, over the past hundred years, based on the unit sales business model, bird's nest has not been world-famous. Liu Chengwei, aware of the important social value of the big health industry and the huge business opportunities of the bird's nest health industry chain, decided to join hands with his wife to start the Skyria brand in 2014. He experimented with all kinds of feasible business models at the initial stage of brand operation, and finally in 2016, he defined "service transformation system with bird's nest as the core" as the unique business model of Skyria Group Inc. He believes that health is the eternal theme of human beings, and health plus technology can make health services more efficient and accurate.
Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria attended the United Nations headquarters meeting in New York
"The bird's nest centered service transformation system" can deliver the "healthy bird's nest cycle package" of Skyria Group Inc to thousands of households. In order to ease the awkward period of modern industrial transformation, it is recommended to use the win-win cooperation between Party A and Party B. During the stable development of the inherent industry, Party B will devote 40% of its time and energy to the secondary industry in Skyria. The two sides work together to enhance each other's brand image and value, and ultimately both occupy a certain share of the health industry, and shoulder the responsibility of bringing a health greeting tothe world, in response to the inner call forsocial value of entre preneurs. At present, Skyria Group Inc will continue to invest and will definitely serve the world with the best results. Food industry, safety is fundamental, health and technology is the core. In the future, health and science and technology will be the two indispensable parts of every industry. Only in parallel can we see the dawn of quality.
Personal profile

Liu Chengwei was born in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, China on January 18, 1987.
He majored in business administration andstudied in Europe and America.
He is the founder and chairman of Skyria Group Inc.

In 2014, he founded the Skyria brand (mainly engaged in the whole industry chain of bird's Nest).

In 2016, Liu Chengwei proposed the "bird's nest centered service transformation system", positioning the company's strategic development layout in the world, Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, aiming to "build a leader in the bird's nest industry and one of the representatives of the health industry". And he focused on the stable and sustainable development of bird's nest industry in entering the capital market and constantly creating social public value.

In 2017, Skyria Group Inc was founded in New York, the United States, bringing Chinese brands to the Times Square in New York, the United States, and becoming the world's first International Bird's nest brand to be listed on NASDAQ and Reuters.

In 2017, Skyria Group Inc held a grand global brand conference in Los Angeles, the United States. It proposed important business models and concepts such as "upgrading and transformation of the original industry", "diversification and integration of investment" and "ecological chail of the whole industrial chain". Main stream people from all walks of lifein the United States, including Hollywood stars, Miss America, international models, international film and television companies, business elites, and main stream media attended the conference, setting off a wave of "bird's nest service transformation system" in America, and Skyria won the "new enterprise investment contribution award" and "individual outstanding contribution award" issued by the United States.

In 2018, Luo Yan, president of Skyria, attended a private banquet with President trump of the United States in trump Manor "Winter White House", in order to find more business opportunities for cultural integration between China and the United States, and to build the "bird's nest centered service transformation system" of Skyria Group Inc can become one of the important civil bridges between China and the United States.

In 2018, at the invitation of SMG, Liu Chengwei attended the first "US China Israel cross border cooperation forum and Washington science and technology investment dialogue" in Washington, D.C., and worked with AJC to call for science and technology innovation and cross-border cooperation to conform to the current business trend.

In 2018, Liu Chengwei went to Wall Street in New York to officially launch the "Skyria IPO unveiling ceremony" and launched the IPO guidance period in New York.

At the end of 2018, in response to "the Belt and Road Initiative" policy, Liu Chengwei returned home to vigorously, promote investment in the bird's nest health industry, invested in more than 100 bird's nest housing projects in the upstream of the bird's nest industry in Malaysia, helped to continue to build the "Esculent swift protection base" on the basis of Malaysia's original plan, and won the honor of "Malaysia investment image ambassador" issued by the royal family of Malaysia in the same year.

In 2019, he was invited to be the keynote speaker of Andrew Yang, the 2020 US presidential candidate.

In 2019, Liu Chengwei entered the headquarters of the United Nations in New York to establish good friendship with African countries, respond to the "Chinese dream", build the "good business team" project Skyria Group Inc, gather entrepreneurs, create a green business environment, and jointly create economic and social value projects that can not only help the poor but also enhance business value.

In 2019, Skyria Group Inc held the "2019 World Miss Chinese final(North America)" and the United Nations sustainable development goals and future sustainable development goals forum of luxury goods in Hampstead castle, Long Island, New York. United Nations am bassadors and delegations, Dayle Haddon (Estee Lauder group spokesperson / L'Oreal Group spokesperson / Revlon spokesperson / Max Factor spokesperson), the world's only spokesman of four major beauty groups, and main stream media all attended the event, calling on people with love around the world to work together to build a sustainable health industry, create business value and assist poor groups invarious countries.

In 2019, Skyria group became the world's first bird's nest brand to apply blockchain technology. It held a press conference on Wall Street, NewYork, U.S., and made unremitting efforts to provide global consumers with all-round high-quality traceable anti-counterfeiting application services. The purpose is to promote the necessity of sustainable development of "health and technology". In 2019, the operation director of "good business team" of Skyria Group Inc was invited to attend the meeting with Gavin. Newsom, governor of California.

In 2019, Liu Chengwei's  cross-border strategic cooperation project of "Jinbi bird's nest facial mask series" integrating art and business promoted the diversified development of Chinese art and culture. He also signed a contract to cooperate with world-class painters, Li Tongxin (The only artist who was met by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan when they visited New York) and Wang Shengnan (China's leading splendor landscape painter), to work together.

In 2019, the 74th United Nations summit was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Liu Chengwei appointed the operation director of "good business team" under Skyria Group Inc to attend the meeting. The Secretary General of the United Nations, more than 100 heads of state, heads of government and high representatives discussed solutions to the major threats and challenges facing mankind.

At the end of 2019, Liu Chengwei won the fifth Huazun award in China. He has been awarded the top ten outstanding leaders of Chinese economy influence in 2019. 2019 China health industry best business model innovation award. 2019 China bird's nest brand industry top 10 most influential leading enterprises. 2019 Chinese "quality, integrity and good brand" demonstration enterprises.

Skyria Group Inc hopes to play a role through its unremitting efforts, which can help and promote the common development of other enterprises, make their own efforts, respond to the call of the United Nations General Assembly, make due contributions to the realization of sustainable development goals, and work together for a win-win situation in the world.