On November 6, 2020, the 21st anniversary celebration of Hurun Report and the annual award ceremony of "China's most respected entrepreneur" were held in Beijing.

On October 20, 2020, Hurun Research Institute released the "Hurun Report" in 2020. The threshold for listing is still 2 billion yuan. The deadline for calculating the wealth of entrepreneurs on the list is August 28, 2020. In 2020, the number of people on the Hurun Report has expanded by 32%, 579 more than last year's 1819, reaching 2398 entrepreneurs, with a wealth of more than 2 billion. "The number of Chinese entrepreneurs on the list has increased to 2398, a record high," Hurun said.

Chairman of SKYRIA gets on "Hurun Report Youth Industry Leader"
Hurun, founder of Hurun Report

Liu Chengwei won the title of "Hurun Report · youth industry leader". He is the pioneer of investment and innovation in the whole industry chain of bird's nest, bringing the "service transformation system with bird's nest as the core" into the United Nations headquarters of the United States; he has cooperated to establish "Asia's largest swiftlet protection base" in Sabah, Malaysia; and won the "Malaysia image investment ambassador" and "Huazun award · Top 10 leaders of China's economic influence". He took on the mission of promoting Chinese culture, hosted the "Miss China International Contest in 2019" in New York, and won the strong support of the UN embassy and mainstream media. Skyria Group Inc is currently headquartered in the U.S. Rockefeller Center in New York, Southeast Asia headquarters in Sabah, Malaysia, China headquarters in Shanghai, and European headquarters in London, UK. An international brand of bird's nest luxury goods integrating "health and technology" is ready to go.

Based on Hurun Report database, Hurun Research Institute conducted in-depth investigation and comprehensive sorting of nearly 500 industrial enterprises, and selected the "youth industry leader" award, which aims to recognize and thank the outstanding contributions made by young industrial leaders in their respective industries. Hurun hopes that the people on the list can get global focus through Hurun Report platform and be promoted to the candidates of Forbes rich list in the coming year and then.

This is a night when the highest honor of Chinese entrepreneurs is revealed; it is a top-level business social dinner for hedge funds, business tycoons, bankers, venture capital (VC), PE companies and high net worth elites with assets of more than 10 billion yuan. We are here to witness the award ceremony of the glory of more than ten entrepreneurs on the Hurun Report, and celebrate the glory of Chinese entrepreneurs.

At the dinner party, Hurun, the founder of Hurun Report, personally announced Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria Group Inc, one of the entrepreneurs on the list of "Hurun Report youth industry leader in 2020", and presented the award in person.

Hurun, founder of Hurun Report (left)
Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of SKYRIA (middle)
Peng Guoyuan, chairman of NWY group (right)
Liu Chengwei of Skyria Group Inc, Yan Hao of Pacific Construction Group, Xu Bo, chairman of Duoyi network, Li Xiaoming, chairman of Dihai group, Liu Yonghao, chairman of new hope, Chen Lihua of Fuhua International, Zong Qinghou of Wahaha Group, Xu Xiaoping of Zhenge fund, Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group, LV Xiangyang of Rongjie investment, Hurun, Sun Shoukuan of Jiachen holding group, Yanbin of Huabin, Jiang Xipei of Far East holding group and Renhe group Chairman Yang Wenlong, Founder group Zhang Xuanlong, Dongfang fortune Shen Jun, Wang Qicheng of Han Ding Yu You, Ye Guofu of Ming Chuang You Pin, Detong capital Shao Jun, Tujia Luojun, Mao Daqing of Youke workshop and many other well-known domestic entrepreneurs were given the award by Hurun in person.
Chen Lihua, Hu Run, Liu Yonghao, Zong Qinghou (from left to right)

Skyria Group Inc's goal is to become the industry leader and one of the representatives of the big health industry, to help the bird's nest industry develop healthily and stably in a good business environment, and will continue to promote the close cooperation between enterprises and individuals in Southeast Asia on a large scale, and promote the development of friendship among Asian countries. Therefore, Skyria Group Inc is also a platform for bird's nest cultural exchange in the world, mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development by taking bird's nest as the medium, culture as the link and trade as the bridge.

Skyria Group Inc is a brand operation and industrial investment company with the corporate culture of "Tian cheng shan dao · xi zhong hua cheng" as the leading enterprise. It also takes the bird's nest brand as the core to lay out the industries of "food, clothing, housing and transportation" to create a diversified integrated service transformation cluster enterprise of bird's nest. SKYRIA international brand, focusing on building a new business form of sustainable development in the whole industry chain of bird's nest all over the world, and pioneered the business model of "bird's nest as the core service transformation system". Through the operation of high-end bird's nest series products and related projects, we can create high-quality healthy family life and new cultural fashion. At the same time, under the background of China's real industry reform, we will vigorously promote "guiding investment in health industry through comprehensive projects of bird's nest, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the original industry of enterprises".

Hurun, founder of Hurun Report (left)
Liu Chengwei, founder of SKYRIA (right)
The chairman of SKYRIA regards "ecological protection" as his own responsibility, and has cooperated to establish "the largest protection base of swiftlet in Asia", so as to provide stable terminal bird's nest output for the global market, and produce the highest quality bird's nest, which will be delivered to thousands of households. He has always advocated "let the people around you be healthy first" to change and improve our life health indicators.