Skyria appears at the crossroads of the world, New York Times Square

Everything in nature is beautiful, and natural food is also extremely lovely. Since ancient times, bird's nest has been labeled as "the first of eight treasures". However, on October 17, 2017, on October 18, 19, 2017, 12 large screens in New York Times Square released four Chinese characters "Tian Zhi Yan Yu" to the world. This is a new era. Bird's nest is no longer just a model of traditional cells In this way, we will use the bird's nest service transformation system to announce to the whole world that a Chinese's own international bird's nest brand will speak for the Chinese food industry in a proud and charming manner: "China's health food is the most professional".

The two screens are playing at the same time, which is a popular view of Nasdaq advertising company. Screen bully "the first screen in the world" Nasdaq, Skyria group has made a brilliant appearance. In this "crossroads of the world" which has been known as the world's financial focus, the center of the world has become the world's first enterprise to show the world the health culture of Chinese food bird's nest.

11 led international authoritative media "Reuters", full screen opened the brand boom of bird's nest, this is a new era, is the arrival of a new era of bird's nest industry, this brand full of dreams, with the strength to show the world a strong strength, the future layout of well-established.

Difficulties are inevitable, and progress is due to dreams. Chengwei Liu, chairman of Skyria group, said: "I am not a special person. I just listen to my conscience and work with my wife to create a dream worthy of the meaning of my life. This is the culture of Skyria. This is the meaning of our husband and wife to create this enterprise and export the core culture with integrity, goodness, justice and business methods. I just made a dream what man should do is that God made man upright, but man found many clever device."

The company has a service transformation system with bird's nest as the core. In 2018, it will launch a project entitled "the first of three worlds". The world pays attention to you, and your gorgeous service transformation system will bring a new color to the world, a gorgeous arc like a rainbow after the rain, an international brand that makes the world focus.

Skyria Group Inc has its headquarters in China in Nanxun, a landmark ancient town in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, its headquarters in Hungary, the heart of Europe, and its headquarters in America in New York, the world's financial landmark. A bird's nest revolution is sweeping the world, and the trend makes the future of Skyria Group Inc irresistible.

It is not a slogan to carry the world with love and let the world carry love. It is the corporate culture of Skyria that "Tian cheng shan dao, xi zhong hua cheng".