China Skyria international trade holding group landed in the United States

China Skyria international trade Holding Group Los Angeles global press conference was held in Palm Springs Hotel, Los Angeles industrial city on the afternoon of October 26. Luo Yan, founder and President of Skyria Group Inc, said that Skyria Group Inc officially landed in the United States today, believing that it will make more outstanding contributions to the economic and trade exchanges between China and the United States in the future. As the first International Bird's nest brand in history, Skyria has created its own world in China and the United States with its own independent core service transformation system.

Luo Yan, President of Skyria Group Inc(the fifth from the left)

The guests attending the event included Liao Qinhe, mayor of San Gabriel, Su Wangxiulan, mayor of walnut City, Jason Ryan Lovett, chairman of Bofan film industry beryl Huang and Jimmy Jiang from all walks of life in Los Angeles.

Luo Yan, President of Skyria Group Inc

Luo Yan, co-founder and President of Skyria Group Inc, said in an interview that when she and her husband returned home from the UK, they found that some Chinese people were in poor health, so hospitals in China often had a hard time getting a bed. In Europe, Britain and other places are not very good in terms of air quality, but many people know how to maintain their health. For China, people's health is worrying if they don't pay attention to maintenance in the presence of environmental pollution. So she and her husband are determined to do something. When they find that all walks of life are saturated and only the brand of bird's nest hasn't reached the top of the world, they choose bird's nest products and create Skyria Group Inc.

Luo Yan said that when it comes to bird's nest, the general view is that bird's nest is a very high-end tonic, but it is dispensable for ordinary people, because I may buy it if I have money, and I will not buy it if I have no money. But "Skyria is an international brand, not an eye-catching bird's nest, but a service transformation system with bird's nest as the core. It is a system that can help enterprises to improve each other's mechanisms and help individual business models get the embodiment of life."

Su Wangxiulan(right)

Luo Yan said that a sound service transformation system should not only help the original individuals and enterprises to get the benefit promotion in Skyria Group Inc, but also get the body and mind promotion through Skyria, so that the personality is complete. If a person wins the world, loses his humanity and doesn't understand what he is living. Only by helping others and achieving himself at the same time can he be a real winner. The corporate culture of Skyria Group Inc is "Tian cheng shan dao, xi zhong hua cheng". She believes that after the arrival of Skyria Group Inc in the United States, the concept of Skyria can be accepted by more American people.

Luo Yan, President of Skyria Group Inc(left)

Luo Yan praised the group leader

At the press conference, Luo Yan praised Wang Miaoan , the group leader. She was not having received professional training for what she is doing, but her achievements proved that Skyria is a stage for ordinary people to achieve their dreams and only takes character first as the threshold.

Skyria Group Inc times square world's crossroads appear on Nasdaq

Skyria brand was founded in 2013. According to the decision of the board of directors, the headquarters of mainland China is located in Nanxun, the landmark town of Zhejiang Province.

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In 2015, the company has been in Nanxun ancient town, the landmark of Jiangnan, China, and started to plan the international joint base of Skyria brand (the first phase), with the inspiration of "Tian cheng shan dao", to create a quality life theme base. In 2016, China Tianhezhuchuang Group Co., Ltd. was founded to build a new strategic industrial platform model of mutual win with the thinking of "integration of industrialization and industrialization, Internet plus", and jointly open the headquarters of Nanxun, an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River.

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The name of Skyria comes from the service tenet of "Tian cheng shan dao": that is, the enterprise should ensure the complete natural and high-quality bird's nest output, and at the same time, the enterprise also undertakes to transfer the way of bird's nest maintenance, so as to truly benefit the consumers of Skyria. Export Skyria's bird's nest, transmit love, kindness and beauty, and benefit the public.

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In the wonderful scene of soprano's high voice, international model and Miss America's show, it opened the curtain of the press conference, also let the commercial global press conference connect with the art, enter the highest level of the integration of business and art, and made an extremely elegant foil for the appearance of female entrepreneur Luo Yan, which raised the president's female charm value to infinity and broke it The traditional cell business model of able women.